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TriState Security Accesscontrol Onsite Services

Model # Sensera Camera Systems

Sensera Camera Systems

Real-Time Site Intelligence Simplified
Authorized Dealer

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Sensera Camera systems can provide you with the
oversite and progress tracking abilities you have
been looking for.

With there easy to use and install systems we can
find the best solution for you needs.

Access your cameras from any location, on any Internet-enabled device, reducing travel costs and time driving from site to site. Gain real-time multi-site remote access and progress monitoring; avoid costly rework and delays with as-built documentation and collaboration; simplify your workflow (integrations: Procore®, PlanGrid, AutoDesk® BIM360, Reconstruct, and more).

Let’s face it; miscommunications happen. Site cameras allow project managers, trade partners, owners and other stakeholders to communicate and collaborate with ease. Remote viewing, live video streaming, image compare and markup, automated as-built documentation and even public URL’s can be used to promote transparency and build trust.

Construction sites are often the target of theft and vandalism. Complete your site intelligence solution with smart security cameras to receive critical real-time intelligence 24/7. Motion detected event notification alerts are pushed to your email or mobile device (via SMS/text) including a video clip or images of the triggering event for rapid review and response.

Risk & Safety:
Capturing visual documentation of day-to-day site activity, incidents and near misses, as well as conducting real-time site monitoring enables managers to quickly assess compliance with safety requirements and monitor where workers, equipment and materials are in transit to identify potential safety issues. Receive alerts for entry of restricted access zones.

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Key Features

  • Authorized Dealer
  • Productivity, Collaboration, Security, Promotion, Risk & Safety
  • Solar powered

Key Specs

Approx Weight
10 lbs
5 kg

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